Blow Dry: If you’ve booked a blow dry it’s best to have wet hair when your stylist arrives. Ideally hair should be washed 10 – 15 minutes before your appointment so your hair is damp, not soaking wet. Have a place to sit that is near an electrical outlet so your stylist can plug in our hairdryers.

Up-do: For up-do ́s wash your hair the day before your appointment. This allows your hair to hold shape better. If you prefer to wash your hair the day-of, that's fine, too - just be sure to have dry hair when your stylist arrives.

Make-Up: For makeup applications, be ready with a clean face, you can moisturize your skin but don’t use eye cream on the eyelids. If you have a favorite brand, please let us know or make it available for your make-up artist to use. For best results try to find a seating area that has good natural light.

Nails: No prep required, however if you do require gel nails or acrylics to be removed by our nail technician, please remember to book this as an additional appointment.

12. How should I prepare for my appointment?

The sooner the better! During the summer season we are in high demand with weddings and events. And during off season we work more with photoshoots and editorials, therefore quite busy the whole year around. We would highly recommend you get in touch with us early in order to secure your date, whether for your wedding services or other types of occasions.

11. How far in advance should I book hair & makeup? do you have last minute availability?

All our makeup products used are hypoallergenic. Our hair & makeup brushes, tools and products are kept sanitary and are sanitized between every service. If you would like to use your own specific product, we are more than happy to work with it. Kindly advise if you have any allergies or special concerns in advance.

10. What do you do for those with skin allergies or sensitivity?

Please send us an email to with your request adding details such as occasion, date and location. We will get back to you with all the information and final quotations. To proceed with your request, we kindly require a deposit and a signed contract to secure your date and time slot.

9. How do I book BeautyLivery’s services?

Looking picture perfect throughout your whole wedding day requires touch-ups and we are more than pleased to stay and follow your bridal glam every minute during your big day. You can book our artists for touch-ups or change of look based on our availability, so please mention this at the time of booking for the final quote.

8. Can you stay for touch up or change of look after the ceremony and into the evening?

We carry a complete team of hair stylists and makeup artists and are more than happy to accommodate larger groups. Each hair stylist and makeup artist can cover up to 4 people (including the bride) depending on the timing. The number of artists required for your wedding day is based on the number of services booked.

7. Do you offer services for large groups of people?

Bridal hair and makeup on the wedding day takes about 2hrs /2hrs 15 min in total depending on the hair and makeup look you envision. If you book services for your bridal party as well, we will prepare a timeline for your services and send this through before the wedding day in order for you to organize yourself and your party with the timing for your wedding glam.

6. About how long should I plan to be in hair and make-up on my wedding day?

A trial run is an appointment scheduled before the wedding day where you have the opportunity to meet your hair stylist and makeup artist for the first time and try different hair and makeup styles. Trial runs are highly recommended as it is important to go over styles & looks you like and put them to the test. Trials for bridal hair & makeup typically last 3hrs and once you have finalized your bridal look, photos are taken as a reference for the same artists to bring on the wedding day. The trials ensure that we've perfected the look and ironed out the details in advance. This is crucial to making sure everything runs smoothly on your
wedding day.
It also gives us a chance to work with your hair & skin, to see how it behaves and which products & tools we need to use.

5. What is a trial run?

Traditional makeup foundations provide fuller coverage and are applied by hand tools such as a brush, beauty blender or sponge for an even finish. The coverage of traditional makeup can range from a natural dewy glow to a matte heavy/full coverage based on the formula. Using waterproof foundations followed by traditional products such as powder, bronzer and blush will allow you a long lasting makeup experience.

Airbrush makeup is performed with an air compressor powered applicator or “airbrush wand”. It is fully waterproof and provides flawless coverage by minimizing skin imperfections while giving skin a beautifully natural finished looking result. It is very light and therefore you won't feel heavy coverage. Airbrush makeup is water resistant and will last for up to fifteen hours or more.

4. What is the difference between traditional and airbrush makeup?

Our highly trained and skilled team works primarily with international brides & clients and therefore we are confident in meeting the high expectations of our clients - of all ages and ethnicities. We always have a wide range of makeup products in various shades and complete hair products and tools in our beauty kit.

3. Are you able to accommodate people of all skin tones and hair types?

We offer beauty services for many various occasions such as destination weddings, elopements, engagement pictures, photoshoots, editorials, gala dinners and events. Basically, whenever you need a trusted and professional beauty artist to create your perfect look and to cover you anytime, anywhere.

2. For what type of events do you provide services?

BeautyLivery is a 24-7 mobile beauty service specializing in hair & make-up, although we also offer other types of beauty services such as nails, eyebrows and lashes.
We are based in Capri, covering the beautiful Amalfi Coast too, but we are also available to travel throughout the rest of Italy and world-wide. Our professional team will come directly to your location and provide you with the certainty of achieving a
unique and unforgettable day.

1. Do you travel and where are you located?

For any questions not answered here, please email us directly.

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