Shooting for Vintage store Wonderland

May 9, 2016

Buon giorno lovely souls out there!

It all started 2007 when I first came to Capri to work in one of the five star hotels (Capri Palace) as esthetician in the spa. I met this guy outside one of the nightclubs and we clicked instantly. His name is Alessandro Ruocco, born and raised on the island so a real CAPRESE in other words!

He is one of the funniest and closes friends I still have today, and I admire his insane ideas and positive energy as the first day we met. Omg I just realized we have been friends for almost 10 years!

With Ale you never know what will happen next, he is everywhere, knows everyone and crazy things is always going on in his company. 

A couple of years ago he open his first store called Wonderland in Capri, with focus on vintage clothes, bags and accessories. The name Wonderland really lives up to it´s image, you get lost in there with all these unique pieces that normally are really hard to find! Yeah I would say “water in the desert” kind of hard to find. So don´t miss to visit his store if you are in Capri. 

Ale called me up for a shooting that would be published in Velvet Style Italia Magazine and he wanted me for hair and makeup on his model Adriana. I was really happy since Adriana is also a dear friend of mine and actually me, Ale and Adriana used to live together (about a year) in an apartment in Naples way back in the days. The craziest year of my life I must say. So it was really fun to meet her after all these years as she currently lives in Milan. 

We started the day with Adriana  getting her hair and makeup done. The inspiration Ale had for this shooting was the fashion legend Iris Apfel, which was perfect, since Adriana kind of look like her but 60 years younger. 

I did a light smokey eye and worked a lot on Adriana´s contouring making her cheek bones pop, adding various (strong) lip colors that completed the total look. Even though I love Iris green eyeshadow, I skipped that part and did a more modern look on Adriana. 

You can all read the interview (in Italian only) with Ale and his shop Wonderland on



 Inspiration for the shooting: Fashion Legend Iris Apfel

 Adriana working it 



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