The most wow wedding in Capri | Giovanna Battaglia & Oscar Engelbert

June 12, 2016


Wow!!! This weekend has literally been crazy if not more! 

We at Beautylivery got informed that we would participate to style hair and makeup during the biggest wedding that ever took place here in Capri, where the Italian fashion icon Giovanna Battaglia and Swedish entrepreneur Oscar Engelbert would finally take their vows in a crazy wedding weekend. A party that would last for three days with top Swedish and international weddings guests from Martina Bonnier to Anna Dello Russo.

I was overwhelmed to be listed in the service sheets that Giovanna and Oscar had attached to their wedding information for all their guests. So slowly the requests started to poor in for hair and makeup services with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry. Holy sheet! 😉

On Thursday which was the first evening of their wedding weekend, was hold in the heart of Capri in Piazza Umberto. They did a buy out of all the traditional bars and cafe´s in the piazza (where Jackie Kennedy and Bridget Bardot used to hang out in the 60´s) a wonderful aperitif party took place.   

For this event our team was collaborating with Villa Eugénie. The Brussels based company is famous for their breathtaking stage design and runaway shows for major brands and fashion designers.

Beautylivery was behind the scenes to prepare the sopranos and musicians who would make a SURPRISE entrance from the balconies located above the bar/cafe´s. Villa Eugénie gave us indications on ” looks” they wanted for each person, and it was all about theatrical hair and makeup.

A part from preparing hair and makeup on the singers/musicians we had wedding guests that were getting glammed for the big night. After all, this was the biggest live “fashion show” at the moment where ALL the guests wanted to look fab!

Our day stared with a meeting in the office where all my professional hair stylists and makeup artists got their service schedule for the day. We were totally a team of 10 people and we were all spread out as we would work in different hotels where the guests and soprano´s stayed. 

After the preparations of the weddings guests, we all gathered in the piazza to finalize the last touch up´s on the sopranos/musicians. We were running between the buildings like headless chickens just before they stepped out and started to sing. And wow it was amazing! They performed the traditional Italian songs and the crowd below were mesmerized. It was all so beautiful and perfect! 

The soprano´s and musicians were all from Naples and we connected really fast. They were all easy to work with a part from the guys in the group that were sceptic getting their face conturing done..hahaha

The following day was the BIG day! It was hold in Faro “The lighthouse” and we started the day like usual to prepare the wedding guests for their hair and makeup in different hotels. It was a pity we did not have the chance to style the bride Giovanna, but she looked absolutely stunning when she walked down the aisle in her breathtaking wedding dress. Her hair and makeup was on point too! 

The last party day which was Saturday evening, many of the gusts were tired but there was no time for relaxing! This evening was a big surprise for all the guests but like always we knew exactly where they were going 😉

The theme was disco and they turned a big cargo vessel into a glittering nightclub! The guests requested big hair and colorful glittering eyeshadows with bright popping tones . 

This was beyond one of the most stressful but funniest work I ever been participating this year. And I would like to take the time to thank all the amazing staff who put up with me during these days, Emanuel, Francesco, Giusy, Giovanna, Jole, Lisa and Mariana. Big thanks also to Diana Sörensen and her talented staff at Sugokuii Events for putting together an important part of this wedding weekend where we at Beautylivery got involved too.

Now I will sleep for at least 2 days in a row… 



In the piazza 

With the musicians

 Mission complete and a happy team 😉

The lovely soprano ladies

Wedding guests that got glammed



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