Shooting at “La Canzone del Mare” for Riflessi

July 7, 2016

Hey bellissime,

Today was a great day! Even though the sun was boiling, my gush! July in Capri is really hot and crowded, but we had the chance to spend a wonderful work day at one of the beach clubs down in Marina Piccola. The beach club “La Canzone del Mare” is an important place in the history of Capri. A great number of celebrities and hollywood stars used to “hang out” here during the golden years 50´s and 60´s. 

A friend of mine, Valeria Balletta who works as sales manager for Riflessi SRL, (an Italian company who designs beautiful contemporary furnitures) called me up and informed they were having a video shooting and showroom at La Canzone del Mare for their brand. And off course in need of hair and makeup services for the models. 

After an awaking coffee and fresh baked croissant overviewing the “Faraglioni rocks“, me and Göz got down to business. We met the beautiful model Roberta and started immediately with her hair and makeup. We recreate a 50´s look but more toned down and modern touch to it and Valeria loved the final result. 

Once upstairs on the terrace we met the rest of the team, all really nice and sweet. 

As the shooting was running, we had to step in and do”touch up´s” on poor Roberta who was sitting straight under the strong sun rays. Luckily her makeup stayed in place although the blazing sun. 

Both me and Göz had a lot of fun today and I want to thank Valeria and the rest of the team who were fantastic and did a great job!





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